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Deckromancy is a powerful trading card making program that allows you to easily design and print your own custom trading cards and reusable trading card templates known as SKINs.

Check out the Screenshots and download a free version to test it out for yourself. There are tutorials to walk you through the many features.

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Notice: Some folks have complained about the price of the desktop version. Let me take this opportunity to explain why it is set this way. The desktop(at least in the versions and operating systems where most of the desktop users are at) doesn't have any viable, widely-accepted app marketplaces, and the few options that are available are cumbersome and unfriendly towards small price transactions and require activations to be manually tinkered with and supported. To make matters worse, libel and censorship cartels calling themselves anti-virus companies, in all of their lazyness and greed, will assume all software, legitimate or not, is automatically a virus without doing the due diligence of actually inspecting it which can effectively sabotage accessibility. Simply put, at this point the traditional desktop(exept for maybe enterprise use) is a rapdily declining exotic legacy platform with many pitfalls and costs associated with being available on it. On iPhone and Android, however, a well-oiled and streamlined system is in place via the app marketplaces that makes transactions sustainable at lower price points and cuts out the tangled support burden nightmare of legacy desktops. So if you want a cheap deal on Deckromancy, get it on your iPhone or Android. I will be lowering the desktop price to $19.99 USD for the time being to try to reach a middle ground between people wanting a cheap price and sustainability, but may raise it back up eventually...
Notice: If you have been using the Windows version of Deckromancy and experienced your files not saving graphics and always loading ?'s instead, a fix is now out that should solve this. As of March 5th, 2013 a new build of Deckromancy 1.0.9 has been posted. Download this to fix the issue, even if you already have 1.0.9.

You can update to the latest version of Deckromancy for desktop, 1.0.9, released on November 10th 2012 by downloading the new version. Deckromancy on mobile uses the built-in update system on your device. See the changelog for a list of notable changes between versions.

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Decromancy Decromancer Dekromancy Dekromancer Deckromancer

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